Where do I find the QR code used to add a product to Husqvarna Connect?

One way of adding a product to Husqvarna Connect is by scanning the QR code of the product. The location of the QR code varies from product to product.

  • Riders and tractors usually have the label and the QR code placed under the seat.
  • Walk-behind mowers usually have the label and the QR code placed on the rear side of the product, between the mounting points of the handle.
  • Blowers usually have the QR code on the nozzle.
  • Battery chainsaws, trimmers and power cutters usually have their label and QR codes located inside the battery slot.
  • Automower® robotic lawn mowers usually do not have QR codes. Instead they have labels with bar codes that can be scanned to add the product. The label is usually located under the hatch or at the back of the mower under the cover.

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