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Setting up your Automower® robotic lawn mower integration with IFTTT

Step-by-step guide

11 steps

Download and install the IFTTT app from Google Play or App Store.


Open the IFTTT app and scroll through the introduction.

IFTTT Account sign in (re-cropped for Next Web)

Connect to your account.

IFTTT Account sign in choices (re-cropped for Next Web)

When you have logged in to your IFTTT account, tap Create.

IFTTT create applet (re-cropped for Next Web)

Tap on the plus (+) sign to start creating your IFTTT applet.

IFTTT Create Applet + (re-cropped for Next Web)

Choose what action should trigger an activity for your Automower® robotic lawn mower.
If you, for example, want your mower to park when the weather forecast predicts rain, type Weather in the search field and choose an existing applet for this.


After choosing a trigger, you need to connect your mower to this IFTTT applet. Tap on That to define what you want to happen when the trigger is activated.


Search for Husqvarna or Automower® and tap on the Husqvarna Automower® icon.

IFTTT Create Search Husqvarna (re-cropped for Next Web)

Tap on Connect and log in with your Automower® Connect credentials.


Read the data privacy message and tap Authorise.

Smart Home Authorize Automower Connect (re-cropped for Next Web)

You have now successfully created an applet and connected your Automower® Connect account to IFTTT.