A versatile partner with a range of attachments

A versatile partner

Husqvarna sit-on lawn mowers have a range of accessories to help keep your garden tidy all year round.
Instant Power

Big challenges will seem small

Your work will be easy thanks to excellent ergonomics, reachable controls and high efficiency of our sit-on lawn mowers.
Husqvarna BioClip


Our unique BioClip feature provides a superior mulching performance.

Sit-On Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna has a wide range of sit on mowers suitable for tackling a range of gardens big or small, complex or simple. There are a large range of attachments available that enable you to use your sit on mower all year round, helping you keep your garden tidy all year round - not just the summer.
Husqvarna garden tractor

Garden tractors

When you think about buying a sit on lawn mower, you probably instantly think about buy a garden tractor. These are typically regarded as a 'garden workhorse' as these are built to help you all year round.

Husqvarna has a range of lawn tractors to suit gardens of all sizes. These sit on lawn mowers offer the ability to collect the grass as you cut, or to eject it from the side of the lawn mower.

Some models are fitted with Husqvarna's unique BioClip feature that mulches the grass, which then acts as natural fertiliser helping to promote healthy grass growth and fight off disease and pests.

There are a range of helpful attachments available for Husqvarna garden tractors ranging from scarifiers to brooms to help you keep your lawn and garden looking great all year round.


There are two distinct benefits of a rider when compared to a garden tractor, which may make them the best sit on lawn mower for you and your garden. These are;

1. Front mounted decking deck: This type of sit on mower has the cutting deck mounted to the front of the machine. This allows the operator to clearly see where they are cutting, unlike when using a garden tractor where the cutting blades are mounted in the middle of the lawn mower, often underneath the operators feet. Because the cutting deck is at the front of the machine you can easily reach and trim into corners and edges of the lawn and under bushes with ease.

2. Superior manoeuvrability: Articulated steering gives first class manoeuvrability and facilitates driving around obstacles such as trees, bushes and flower beds. It allows for a much tighter turning circle, resulting in a much reduced area of uncut grass.

Rider cutting the grass under bench

What is Husqvarna BioClip?

BioClip is Husqvarna's unique mulching function that offers a superior mulching performance when compared to other mowers. Mulching can help release nutrients like nitrogen into the soil that are beneficial for growth and overall lawn health, preventing weed growth. Click on the image to the left and watch our short video that explains the Husqvarna BioClip concept.


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