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Official rules -Pink Automower® Auction 10-18th Oct 2018

Online Auction: Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions set out the rules by which the auction is run. By placing a bid, you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms and Conditions: 


1. All items that are offered for Auction have been donated by Husqvarna UK Ltd for the sole purpose of raising funds for Breast Cancer Care. 

2. The Auction is open to UK residents 18 or over. 

3. Husqvarna UK employees are not eligible to bid. 

4. Each placement of a bid will constitute a legal offer and shall be binding on you. As such, the bid may not be withdrawn after it is placed and may be accepted as the winning bid on the day of close.

5. All bids will remain valid until payment for the relevant Goods has been received by Husqvarna UK Ltd. 

6. To be the winning bid in an Auction, the bid must be the highest bid and must meet any other conditions which may be specific on the Auction. 

7. If your bid is successful, you will be notified to confirm the amount of the Winning Bid and details of the relevant Goods, and to arrange payment and delivery. 

8. If there is a problem with payment by you of the amount of the Winning Bid, Husqvarna UK Ltd reserves the right to offer the Goods to the next highest bidder. When payment has been received by Husqvarna UK Ltd, the relevant Auction will close and all unsuccessful bids will lapse. 

9. Goods bought at an Auction are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

10. The highest bidder will be contacted with details on how to complete the payment to Breast Cancer Care before the Automower® will be installed.

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