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Lypiatt Park credits Husqvarna Automower® for maintaining its estate's formal lawns

Lypiatt Park, Gloucestershire, credits four Husqvarna 550 Automower® for keeping the estate’s lawns in immaculate condition all year round.

A stately home owned by an internationally renowned artist

Based in Gloucestershire near Stroud, Lypiatt Park is a stately home which boasts historic buildings dating back to the 14th century. Surrounded by ten acres of formal gardens, the private estate is maintained by Husqvarna Automower® robot lawn mowers.

Homeowner of Lypiatt Park and internationally renowned artist, Daniel Chadwick, credits his four Husqvarna 550 Automower® for keeping the estate’s lawns in immaculate condition all year round.

Daniel first invested in Automower® using Husqvarna dealer, Tallis Amos Group, after finding the cost of maintaining his ten acres of greens pace with manual lawn mowers to be expensive, costing hundreds of pounds per week. With Automower®, the groundsmen of Lypiatt Park have saved hours of time and have been freed up to focus on more important and beneficial tasks around the grounds of the estate.

Extremely quiet and quick lawn mowing thanks to Automower®

Daniel discussed the benefits: “There have been many advantages of Automower®, some that I wasn’t even expecting. I have sensitive hearing and can find the sound of regular lawn mowers extremely intrusive, especially here on the estate where they were often used twice a day.

“The differences we’ve experienced between our previous lawn mowers and our four Automower® 550 models are astounding. Automower® works on the grounds extremely quietly, quickly and efficiently, without the need for human interference which is brilliant.”

Lypiatt Park Installation Automower 550

Complex grounds that are efficiently managed by robotics

The lawns of Lypiatt Park feature a variety of complex shapes, but thanks to the GPS tracked Husqvarna Automower® 550 models, the robotic lawn mowers are able to manoeuvre accurately and efficiently around the entire formal garden area with ease, navigating narrow passages, obstacles and handling slopes of up to 45%. Furthermore, as a result of the mower’s lightweight features, no visible track marks are left, ensuring a carpet-like appearance.

Featuring GPS theft tracking via a PC/Tablet, as well as a high-pitch alarm which starts when moved and can only be deactivated with the mower’s unique pin code, extra security is provided with the Automower® models.

Totally reliable, easy to maintain and very well made

Daniel commented on his move to Automower®: “After an initial consultation, Tallis Amos Group installed our first mower, and provided technical support throughout and after. The set-up process ran very smoothly, and within just a few weeks our lawns looked better than ever. After seeing the results of our first Automower®, we were confident in investing in three more to cover all lawns surrounding Lypiatt Park.

“Each robotic mower has its own specific zone to cover, and they are able to work night and day if we wished. Even though there’s a wide mix of obstacles on our lawns, they don’t seem to bother Automower® at all. Thanks to their on-board sensors which detect potential objects, Automower® steers itself to avoid collision.”

As an artist, Daniel has a passion for design and applauds Automower®, stating: “As a designer inventor and artist, I really appreciate the design of the Automower®, it’s perfectly optimised. It’s the right weight, it does precisely what they say it will do, it is totally reliable, easy to maintain and is very well made. Every couple of months I might have to change or rotate the blades - which is a very simple operation, but apart from that, we just let them get on with their job and rarely have to do anything with them. The machines really are fantastic.”

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