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A sports field, such as a football pitch, is often heavily used. The maintenance of the grass can often be difficult, and the need for fertilising, watering and minute care can be time-consuming and expensive. Automower® offers a possibility to cut costs while improving the overall turf quality and shoot density. And the players can always enjoy a nice, perfectly mowed pitch. Thanks to its low weight, Automower® creates no compaction and leaves no tracks. Also, it can mow in wet conditions without leaving unwanted grass remnants.

Football field

Frees up time for improvements

Automower® runs autonomously on your football pitch. If something requires your attention, you’re immediately notified via the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app in your phone (read more at the bottom of the page). The robotic lawn mower frees up a lot of time, which gives you a great opportunity to take care of any irregularities and exposed, worn areas. Resulting in a pitch to be really proud of and giving the players the best possible conditions for honing their skills to perfection.
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A new level of turf quality

Automower® also improves your pitch’s ability to withstand a busy match schedule and hours of intense training. Since the robotic mower cuts the grass every day, it minimises the impact on the grass. The very small, quick-composting clippings provide a constant source of fertilisation and moisture, creating a greener and denser lawn. Research also shows that the constant cutting allows grass roots to grow 25% deeper, resulting in a healthier and stronger pitch.

Football field

Fits the player and your budget

Automower® takes care of your pitch when you want it to – day or night – according to your schedule as not to interfere with the players’ training sessions. All while you can spend your time on the multitude of other tasks you need to take care of. And the players can focus on their drills. The lower investment cost compared to a conventional mower, along with the labour time you save, make Automower® a very sound investment.

Customer testimonial

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Sinsheim, Germany

"The football players really like the three Husqvarna Automower® 550 robotic mowers at the stadium. They even treat them like their own pets." - Maik Grimm, Head of greenkeeping, appreciates Automower® for being an environmental-friendly and silent mower that delivers a perfect result.

Team up your robotic mowers

Until now, you’ve had to divide larger grass areas into separate installations and use just one Automower® robotic mower in each area. Thanks to Automower® Club Solution – a new feature via a software download – you can create a big installation for the football pitch and have several mowers running within the same area.
This enables faster mowing of the pitch, which increases the availability for training sessions and matches. It also eliminates the need to have a boundary wire in the middle of the pitch, reducing the risk of damaged wires due to turf care such as aerating and dethatching.

Virtual wires – endless possibilities

On the pitch, it’s all about focus, about never giving up. To match the flexibility and the skill of the game, Husqvarna Automower® robotic mowers with the new EPOS technology will deliver a perfect pitch, without the need of physical wires. Quick, flexible installation and the possibility to freely set your mowing areas and adding temporary stay-out zones provides unmatched possibilities, allowing the players to keep playing. Additionally, the absence of physical wires simplifies the tending of the pitch, making the work of aerating easier.

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Maintenance at your fingertips

Our digital management tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ allows you to manage all your Automower® robotic mowers running on one or several football pitches. From anywhere at all times. Via a phone, tablet or laptop you’re able to see detailed statistics of each machine, change mowing schedules and cutting heights, get notifications when machines are due for service – and much, much more.