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    A Quick Guide to Chainsaw Carving

    The noble and fast-growing art of chainsaw carving dates back to the ancient art of woodcarving, modernised during the 1950’s by the first chainsaw artists.

  • Husqvarna Axe - Portrait

    How to get the perfect fire - All about splitting, stacking and igniting fire wood.

    A warm log fire is the ultimate comfort factor. But how do you secure a well-stocked supply for the winter? Here are some essential guidelines on how to create the perfect fire – and what you need to get there.

  • Hedge Trimmer 226HD60S

    Hedge Trimming Legislation - How Do The Laws Affect You?

    The reasons to keep your hedges maintained are not only aesthetic, but can be legal too. Before you use your Husqvarna hedge trimmer, read about the legislation around hedge trimming and maintenance in the UK so that you know your responsibilities and rights.