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The Very Best: Husqvarna products impress Ulster Rugby Captain

To become the captain of a sports team at an elite level you must demand the absolute best from everyone and everything around you. This summer Husqvarna put its products to the test in the hands of Ulster Rugby’s Rory Best, gifting some of our leading equipment to Rory to use around his plot of land in Co. Armagh.

We’re always keen to receive feedback on our products and we were aware that Rory had significant land which needed maintaining. Already a fan of Husqvarna, we agreed to supply Rory with our RC 320Ts AWD rider, 135R brushcutter and 555 chainsaw to see how they fared.

Kit was arranged and thanks to Husqvarna dealer, A. McIlrath & Son, the product handover went very well, allowing Rory to get straight on with using his new products. After a few months living with the Husqvarna products we asked for his comments and were delighted with the response.

Rory commented: "The Husqvarna products have really impressed me this summer. I'm already a fan of the brand and was kindly sent the Rider (RC 320Ts AWD), Brushcutter (135R) and Chainsaw (555) by the company. I can say confidently that all products have performed really well on my land.

“The collecting Rider has been a joy to use and I've really enjoyed driving about on it without having to worry about collecting grass cuttings. As for the handheld tools, you can tell they're built to last and are weighted very well. I would recommend Husqvarna to anyone who is looking for quality, it's class stuff."

To view the products Rory has been using, visit the below links.

Husqvarna RC 320Ts AWD rider
Husqvarna 135R brushcutter
Husqvarna 555 chainsaw

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