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Husqvarna Connected Battery – A possibility for landscaping

What if your trimmer could talk to your smartphone, or smart watch? With a connected battery it can. The Connected Battery is a high performance lithium battery prototype that uses Bluetooth to send information about your landscaping tools.

Lithium battery
The lithium battery charges quickly and offers the best standard for weight, volume and power ratio.

Bluetooth connectivity
The Connected Battery uses wireless Bluetooth technology to send information.

Connected to your smartphone
The battery can easily be paired with an operator’s smartphone, or smart watch.

An idea for the future that allows you to team up

This new lithium battery prototype has a patent pending. It makes it possible for a tool to share valuable information about itself. The battery can easily be paired with your smartphone, or smart watch, to either provide you with information, or pass it on to other members of the team. That means that operators, managers, technicians, or dealers, can team up in new ways.

A big leap forward

Battery and connectivity technology open up for completely new ways of performing professional landscaping, which is demonstrated by the use of the augmented reality visor in our Ramus concept.

Real-time data for better results

The Connected Battery prototype enables data collection and provides the landscaping team with information in real-time. That information allows you to minimise downtime by shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance. Instead of fixing a machine after it has broken down, it can alert and prepare managers and technicians when it’s time for a service. Real-time data also makes it possible for team leaders to analyse the situation at any given time, not just afterwards, which makes allocating resources easier.

A new world of opportunities

The Connected Battery prototype opens up for a whole range of new opportunities. Machines can now give direct feedback and guidance on how to use them, helping operators to refine their technique. This of course also improves safety for the user. And when it comes to security, the Connected Battery prototype can protect against theft by locking your machine to unauthorised use.

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