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Award-winning Husqvarna Automower®

The #1 best-selling robotic lawnmower, Husqvarna Automower® has scooped 3 awards in a test of the best robotic lawnmowers on the market. The 310, 430X and 450X models have all come out on top in their respected categories.

In a test carried out by PriceRunner, 24 different robotic lawnmower models were reviewed over a period of several months. Challenging the mowers on a range of different lawn types and in all kinds of weather, each model was assessed on performance, efficiency, reliability, ease of use, functionality, security, design and build quality.

Visit the PriceRunner site to read the full reviews and discover why our Husqvarna Automower® came out on top.


Automower® 430X

PriceRunner’s test determined that Automower® 430X is industry-leading when it comes to dealing with different terrains, making light work of heavy slopes, bumps, roots, loose surfaces, high grass, complex areasand obstacles, navigating narrow passages and hard to reach areas with ease.

Like the majority of Husqvarna’s robotic mower range, Automower® 430X comes equipped with the excellent Automower® Connect app that gives complete control over the mower where ever you might be in the world through mobile connectivity.

With an RRP. of £2,700, the testers voted Husqvarna Automower® 430X the ‘Best Premium Choice’ stating it offered an “unbeatable combination of reliability, terrain handling and ease of use."

Best Premium Choice Automower 430X - PriceRunner 2019

Automower® 450X

With an unbeatable functionality and cutting capacity, great reliability and an operating level quiet enough to run even at night, Automower® 450X is undoubtedly the ‘Best Luxury Choice’ on the market.

No matter how far out the mower is, with the tap of a button on the Automower® Connect app the mower will find its way home again by following the innovative guide wire system.

PriceRunner’s testers commented on Automower® 450X’s ability to handle extreme slopes as well as navigating a range of challenging terrains in different weather conditions, meaning there are very few lawns this model can’t handle. The testers concluded this model is in a class of its own.

Best Luxury Choice Automower 450X - PriceRunner 2019

Automower® 310 – Best in Test

With good terrain handling, smart connectivity and an almost silent operating level, there was nothing but praise from the testers for Automower® 310. The machine's ability to navigate complicated gardens and keep heavily sloped areas and elongated corridors well cut impressed PriceRunner’s team of testers. 

Automower® 310, comes equipped with Bluetooth support so programming is easily done on a mobile device without the need to crouch over the machine. Husqvarna Automower® Connect kit, available as an accessory, can connect the mower to a mobile network in order to monitor and control the machine wherever you are in the world. This, combined with a competitive price for a model of this quality, made Automower® 310 a clear choice for ‘Best in Test.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Automower 310 - PriceRunner 2019

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