Proper Preparation

What to check when starting a chainsaw

Always check the chain lubrication, chain brake and inertia functions each time you use your chainsaw.

Chain lubrication

Always check the chain lubrication function before starting work. Follow these steps: Start the chainsaw. Hold the saw over a stump and rev up the engine. Chain lubrication is working if there is a line of oil left on the stump.

Chain brake function

  1. Place the saw on a sturdy surface.
  2. Start the saw. Hold the chainsaw firmly by the front and rear handles.
  3. Accelerate.
  4. Release the throttle. Activate the chain brake by turning your left wrist towards the kickback guard. Do not let go of the front handle.
  5. The chain must stop immediately.
  6. If the saw is fitted with TrioBrake™, repeat points 1–3. Now activate the chain brake with the rear brake guard by moving your right wrist upwards until it reaches the brake guard and activates the brake.

Inertia functioin

  1. The engine should be shut down. Hold the saw with the guide bar over a stump or another stable object. The distance between the stump and the guide bar is dependent on the chainsaw model and guide bar length.
  2. Release the front handle and allow gravity to bring the chainsaw down, rotating around the rear handle, towards the stump.
  3. When the guide bar hits the stump, the chain brake should be triggered.

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