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Husqvarna Chainsaw Chains Explained

The chain is one of the fundamental components of a good chainsaw. That's why its critical you use the correct chain for the right application. Here we explain which Husqvarna chain is right of the job in hand.

1/4" Pitch Chains

Recommended for chainsaws with engines up to 38cc. These chainsaw chains are extremely lightweight and designed to produce smooth clean cuts, produced by their Mirco Chisel cutters.

Pixel 3/8" Mini Pitch

Recommended for use with Husqvarna battery chainsaws, these chains are lightweight and designed to be a low kickback chains which require less power.

3/8" Mini Pitch Chains

A low vibration chain designed for woodcutters uses smaller chainsaws in a high production environment. It's recommended to use these chainsaw chains on saws with a engine power up to 45cc.

Pixel .325" Pitch Chains

Developed to meet the specific needs of today's lightweight chainsaws without a power of 35-55cc. These chains are narrow and offer low vibrations and kickback thanks to their Mirco Chisel cutters. Not recommended for heavy duty work e.g. storm damaged forests.

.325" Pitch Chains

Ideal for chainsaws with larger engines 35-60cc. These high performance low vibration chains come with Mirco Chisel cutters, which are ideal for demanding conditions.

3/8" Pitch Chains

Professional Chisel cutters for high production cutting of clean wood and Semi Chisel cutters for fast cutting and easy sharpening. The Chisel cutter is available as a square ground for professional use. Recommended for chainsaws 50-100cc.

.404" Pitch Chains

A big timber chain for professional chainsaw users available in three variants. Chisel cutters for users who need high production and who cut clean wood with larger size chainsaws. Micro Chisel cutters for fast cutting and easy sharpening. Fully rounded Chipper variant for excellent performance, easy sharpening and edge holding durability.

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