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  • Edge Campaign Photo

    Husqvarna X-Cut: Designing a better saw chain

    For the first time, there are original Husqvarna saw chains, and they are made where it all once started – in Huskvarna, Sweden. Why, you might wonder. Well, the story actually starts at the end. Through all our research and development, making your output the highest possible has been the overarching goal.

  • WLC 2016 EN

    Meet the Champion, with the World Champion Saw

    WLC, the World Logging Championship, is arranged every two years when professional elite loggers from around the world compete in five different events: precision felling, changing saw chain, precision sawing with two different methods and limbing.

  • Training Camp 2016 73

    3 Questions with Lasse Strandell

    Lars is a multiple medalist at World Logging Championships (WLC) and has more than 30 years of experience in logging. With such expertise, it’s no wonder he is Team Husqvarna’s 2016 WLC coach.

  • Training Camp 2016 66

    Meet one of our youngest champions, Anton Petersson, 19 years

    Anton is part of the team of competitors who are under 24 years of age. See what he has to say about his chances at this year’s World Logging Championships (WLC).

  • Training Camp 2016 77

    WLC 2016 Starts September 8th!

    The 32nd World Logging Championships will begin in Wisla, Poland on September 8, with more than 100 loggers participating this year for the World Logging Championship title.

  • H-team Ambassadors UK team

    Smooth and sharp: Professionals try the new Husqvarna X-Cut saw chain

    Tagging along with professionals as they test Husqvarna products in real environments is the most exciting way to see if our efforts have paid off. In the case of the new X-Cut saw chain, however, the excitement may have been mixed with a certain nervousness on the part of the test managers. Would this wholly new product for Husqvarna gain the acceptance of hard-working loggers and arborists?

  • Forest

    How to get involved in pole climbing

    The sport of pole climbing is one that tests balance, strength, endurance and flat out determination. Competitors don harnesses, helmets, spiked shoes and use climbing equipment to run vertically up a pole while a clock times their efforts. Here we look at how to get involved in pole climbing.

  • Forest

    Luke Chapman (woodcarver) reviews the battery chainsaw 536LiXP

    This chainsaw was brought to me to try out at the East Anglian Game and Country show on 23rd April '16 by Andy Campbell, to give my verdict on how it would behave as a carving tool, and to show what could be done with it in front of an audience.

  • Forest

    How to run an arborist business and compete around the world, Jo Hedger's story

    Triple World Tree Climbing Champion, Jo Hedger, joins Husqvarna's H-Team. Alongside competing in tree climbing championships around the world, Jo runs a successful arborist business, Arbor-Venture Tree Care. Read more about here impressive experience!