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Efficient indoor and outdoor cleaning

A Husqvarna blower makes it easy to gather leaves and other debris, even indoors.
Easy to use

Don't get tired before you're done

Our leaf blowers are designed to take the strain away from your back and arms.
High performance

High blowing capacity

The powerful, easy-start engine in combination with an effective fan gives you high air speed and high airflow.

Professional leaf blowers

Husqvarna blowers have unique fans that generate high air velocity and powerful airflow, ideal for garden design, professional landscaping and your tree care needs. This goes for our petrol-driven backpack blowers, as well as our highly-efficient handheld battery blowers. Whichever blower you choose, you will even be able to blow away wet, heavy piles of leaves on. All blowers are ergonomically designed and have low vibrations levels, to enable high productivity through convenient use. It is the debris that gives way to the strong air currents – not your shoulders and arms.



Professional Blowers

  • 525BX

    967 28 42-01

    Prostornina valja
    25.4 cm³
    0.85 kW
    4.3 kg
    Pretok zraka v cevi
    13 m³/min
    • X-Torq® motor
    • Nastavljiva dolžina cevi
    • Samodejno povratno stop stikalo
    • Tempomat


    427,00 € Neobvezujoča prip. MPC z DDV

    • AKCIJA


    967 68 03-02

    Napetost akumulatorja
    36 V
    Hitrost zraka
    49 m/s
    Pretok zraka v cevi
    11.7 m³/min
    Pretok zraka v ohišju
    12.8 m³/min
    • Ergonomski ročaj
    • Tempomat
    • Boost effect - Pospešitev pihanja
    • Napredna oblika ventilatorja


    649,00 €
    718,00 €
    Neobvezujoča prip. MPC z DDV

  • 580BTS

    966 62 96-01

    Prostornina valja
    75.6 cm³
    3.3 kW
    Hitrost zraka
    92.2 m/s
    11.8 kg
    • X-Torq® motor
    • Komfortni ročaji
    • Air Injection
    • Črpalka goriva


    798,00 € Neobvezujoča prip. MPC z DDV

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