Three families put battery-powered tools to the test

The families swapped petrol-power and corded equipment for different products from our battery range. They all loved the convenience of having one battery that worked across all the different Husqvarna tools. Overall, they found it much lighter to use and handle, Less disturbing for their neighbours and just as powerful as petrol-driven products.

  • 55% are affected by noise  - The families felt more confident doing garden work knowing that disturbing their neighbours was kept to a minimum.
  • 29% lighter - Each family was surprised by how much lighter and easier the handheld tools were, when compared to their old petrol-powered tools.
  • 18% quieter - The battery-powered tools the families used are much quieter, which gave them the freedom to go about garden work whenever they liked, without being afraid of disturbing their neighbours.
Silent neighbourhood - family
Compared to our old one, this is so much better
Annika and Mattias love getting busy with garden work but also want to avoid disturbing the neighbours as they go about it.
Silent neighbourhood - family
You don't have to have any petrol at home
With two young kids running around, Calle and Anki could already imagine the benefits of not having to worry about storing petrol on their property.
Silent neighbourhood - family
It's easy to just put them in the car and bring them to the country house
Fredrik and Linda love getting away to their country house; they need tools that can easily travel, are extremely reliable and won't make a mess in the car.
Silent neighbourhood

One-battery system

Quickly switch the same battery between lawn mowers, grass trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers and just keep on working.

silent neighbourhood

Quiet garden work

The noise level of our battery machines is up to 17 dB(A) lower than traditional petrol-powered machines, resulting in a less noisy working environment.

Silent neighbourhood

Pure performance

The same power you would expect from a petrol engine minus the harmful emissions and fuel consumption. Instead of refuelling, just switch batteries and keep on working.

silent neighbourhood

Neighbourhood sharing

Imagine you and your neighbours owned your own battery, but shared the tools between you. It's a much more efficient way of storing and maintaining all your gear and the battery-powered approach makes it possible.