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How to change to a terrain kit on your Husqvarna Automower® 300-series

When it’s slippery, or you have slopes on your lawn, our terrain kit helps your Automower® to perform. This easy guide shows you how you can easily equip your robotic lawn mower with a terrain kit. If you have an Automower® 400-series go here for instructions:

Checklist for changing to robotic lawn mower terrain kit wheels

  1. Put a flatbed screwdriver under the wheel cap and bend it outwards to remove it
  2. Use a socket wrench to loosen the nut
  3. Remove the tyre and replace it with a terrain kit wheel
  4. Place the washer before the nut before tightening it with the socket wrench
  5. Reattach the wheel cap

Checklist for changing to robotic lawn mower terrain kit brushes

  1. Open the cutting height adjustment hatch by the Automower® panel
  2. Push the two (2) latches underneath the cover on each side inwards to release the top cover
  3. Bend the top cover by pushing it forward from the back end with one hand while snapping it open by pressing it upwards at the middle with the other hand. Do this on both sides.
  4. Pull the top cover towards the back to remove it
  5. Put the square nut in the plastic slot
  6. Place a brush in the slot
  7. Place the plastic holder over the brush slot and nut and slide it into the hole over the brush. There are different plastic holders for the left and right side, marked by an L or R.
  8. Place a screw in the hole and tighten it with a hex key
  9. Attach the top cover by sliding it in place at the front first, then bend the back piece slightly to insert it into the holes at the back. Do this on both sides. Snap the middle part in place by pressing the cover down with your hands.