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Battery range 500-series 536LiPT5, 536LiBX


The Husqvarna Professional Battery Series offers all the power, performance and intuitive design you expect from Husqvarna. Quiet, fume-free, lightweight and with running costs close to zero.
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One battery

Our batteries are quick to recharge and swap. And the backpack battery will keep you going all day.
High performance

High performance

Strong long-life motors in combination with low total weight and intuitive solutions gives you the required performance.
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Saves you money

Our battery tools pay for themselves quicker than you might think. And once they do, you’re making money every time you charge.

Professional battery powered cordless garden tools

With Husqvarna’s new range of professional battery-powered handheld and cordless garden tools, you can now do landscaping without having to worry about fumes and noise. Lightweight and designed for comfort and ease of use on long shifts, they’re quiet enough to use anywhere, anytime. There’s no need for petrol, and they meet even the most stringent environmental regulations. With extremely low running costs, and long battery runtime, they offer high productivity, and the results you and your customers expect.

Blower 536LiB Battery

No fumes, less noise

Our battery products are clean and pleasant to use, even during long shifts. Their quiet electric motors significantly reduce noise, and cause no direct emissions, which means you can work in public areas, and even indoors.

One battery fits all

Easy to use and maintain

Husqvarna battery products are lightweight and well balanced, designed for comfort and ease of use. The advanced motors reduce vibrations dramatically and require minimal maintenance.

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All-weather use

The Husqvarna Professional Battery Series is designed for all-weather use. Regardless of actual weather or forecast, you can keep on working. Come rain, wind or sunshine.


Every battery charge costs just a fraction of the price of a tank of fuel – so our cordless garden tools pay for themselves quicker than you might think. And once they do, you’re making money every time you charge.


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Find out why companies switch to Husqvarna battery products.

Battery testimonial Puy du Fou France ENG (read description for user rights)

Puy du Fou theme park, France

“When we invested in the first trimmers we calculated that the purchase price of a battery corresponds to one year of fuel,” says Jérôme Vrignaud, Garden Manager at Puy du Fou theme park. “Our batteries have a two, three or even four-year lifespan, some of them. So we’ll obviously save money with battery-powered equipment.”

Battery testimonial City of Weissenfels VO DE with ENG sub

City of Weissenfels, Germany

When switching to a battery-powered fleet, the German city of Weissenfels invited tenders, and carefully assessed the different options. Every product that was offered was tested by the city’s landscapers, and in the end the choice was clear. Find out why Husqvarna’s products made the cut.

Battery Testimonial Cemetery Eng

Trollhättan cemetary, Sweden

With 45 acres of Trollhättan cemetary in active use, the administration decided in 2013 to begin using battery tools. Initially, the expectations of the grounds staff were low. But after being put to the test, the cemetery’s collection of Husqvarna battery products are now the most popular machines in the fleet.

Battery BLi100/200/300 & Blower

New batteries for extended runtime

Fully compatible with existing professional Husqvarna battery products and chargers, the new range of Husqvarna integrated batteries are packed with high capacity power, giving professionals up to 3.5 hours of runtime on a single charge with a hedge trimmer

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Electric Pole hedgetrimmer 536LiHE3

A new pole hedgetrimmer

The new Husqvarna 536LiHE3 is a professional battery pole hedge trimmer engineered to tackle both high and low cutting tasks, with features to increase work productivity and overall efficiency.

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Battery Series

Husqvarna battery technology

Husqvarna pro battery series includes a range of rechargeable lithium ion batteries that fit all machines, and offer low weight, high capacity, compact size, and great durability. The batteries are developed to deliver maximum output until completely discharged


The Husqvarna Battery Series is built to give you all the power, performance and intuitive design you expect and demand from a product bearing our name. The machines are full of features designed to make your life easier.


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Our dedication to innovation, precision and continuous improvement helps you and your business achieve its true potential. With professional equipment, services and solutions tailored to your business, we’re ready to push things forward and maximize your productivity and minimize your worries.


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