How to work with a leaf blower

A Husqvarna blower is a great help to quickly clear a garden of leaves. Ensure you never blow air towards fixed objects such as walls, large rocks, vehicles, and fences. When working inside corners, blow from the corner and inward towards the centre of the work area. Otherwise, debris can fly up in your face. Never point the blower nozzle at delicate plants.

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    Brzi vodič rezbarenja sa motornom testerom

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    Kako da pokrenete vaš Husqvarna rajder

    Kada pokrećete svoj Husqvarna rajder, pobrinite se da pratite ove jednostavne korake. 

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    How to mount a cutting deck on your Husqvarna Rider

    Your Husqvarna Rider is a versatile machine that lets you change attachments depending on the task at hand. Mounting your cutting deck or attachment on the Rider is easily done and only takes minutes. Warning! Wear protective glasses when fitting the cutting unit. The spring which tensions up the belt may break and cause serious injury.