The Husqvarna H-team - meet our brand ambassadors

We've handpicked a global group of highly skilled and respected ambassadors from among the best forest and park professionals in their countries. They are our H-team. And they are our most demanding users.

Every H-team member has long experience working with our products.We collaborate closely with our ambassadors, listening to their experiences and using their insights to develop Husqvarna's products further.

Every member of the H-team has an extensive professional background in forests, parks or gardens. Many of them also compete in the chainsaw or tree climbing world championships. Together, they share our passion for nature and Husqvarna. Be inspired by the H-team.


Our wide range of high-performance products is born from a relationship
between our company and the people who use our equipment to shape
nature every day, and who needs serious kit to do serious work. When the
going gets tough, Husqvarna tools are tougher.

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