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  • Testimonial Holland Hedgetrimmer
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    "The machines can make or break a company"

    With 18 years of experience and 21 employees, Booiman Tuinen BV is a modern, medium-sized and successful landscaping company. This is their take on the importance of reliable equipment.

  • BLi940X
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    A revolution for handheld battery power tools

    Power and durability or low-noise and sustainability? With our backpack battery solution you no longer have to choose.
    “This takes the battery product range to a whole new level”, says Johan Svennung, Product Manager, Electric & Battery Handheld at Husqvarna.

  • Jonathan Calderwood, Head Grounds Manager at Parc de Princes
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    El campo perfecto

    Crear un césped asombrosamente perfecto es una cosa. ¿Pero cómo consigues que la hierba sobreviva toda una serie de juegos, deportes y trabajos de jardinería sin que se desgaste en exceso? ¿Acaso es posible? Hemos consultado a uno de los mejores del sector para obtener algunas respuestas.