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Software update Automower® 435X AWD & Automower® 535 AWD

Last year, Husqvarna was made aware of some cases where the battery degraded prematurely on two models - Automower® 435X and 535 AWD. As a consequence, a limited number of products required a battery replacement. Two software updates were also scheduled in to address the issue long-term.

This spring it is time for the second software update, with the purpose of installing battery health monitoring features. As a result, Husqvarna will be able to keep track of the battery status of all mowers of these two models and alert the owner if the battery degrades to the extent where it has to be replaced. The battery replacement is taken care of by our local dealer network and will be free of charge up to three years after the product was purchased.

How you know if your mower needs a new battery

For those of you whose mower´s battery needs attention, we will alert you through the message function of your Automower® Connect app. The alert system works as follows:

  1. First alert informs about the need to have the battery replaced in the near future and will show in the message section in the Automower® connect App. The message title is “Battery needs replacement”, and you are encouraged to contact your dealer so a new battery can be ordered. The product will continue its normal operation.
  2. The second alert “Battery near end of life” will show on the dashboard in the Automower® Connect app when a battery replacement is due. At this stage, the owner can still use the product but it stops once a day to draw attention to the fact that a new battery is needed. The product can be restarted from the app. Hand in your mower for a battery replacement at your earliest convenience.
  3. In the third this stage the product simply stops and will not function again until a new battery has been installed. No message is displayed.

Note that several weeks are likely to pass between each of the stages described above, to give you plenty of time to hand in the product to your local dealer for a new battery to be installed. As mentioned above, this is free up to three years after the product purchase date.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. This new procedure is designed to ensure your mower always perform to the highest standard, both in terms of safety and functionality.

Best wishes,