Automower AIM / Zone Control
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How to create multiple zones with Automower®

Husqvarna Automower® offers multiple solutions for zone control in your garden. Giving you the flexibility to create different zones on your lawn, without having to change your existing installation.

Zone control can be achieved via AIM Technology which is an innovative feature available on models 405X, 415X, 435X AWD and 535 AWD.

Season long control in your garden can also be achieved with Automower® accessories;  Automower® Area Switch and Automower® Temporary Fence. Extend or limit your lawn, create islands, or protect areas that are sensitive to the seasons with Automower® Area Switch, a portable device that can be used to shortcut the robotic mower boundary wire to create zones that can easily be switched on or off.

Below are the different solutions available from Husqvarna Automower® for easy zone control.