Automower 550

How to grow a greener city

Around the world, more and more cities are realizing how important parks and gardens are to create an attractive city environment for local residents as well as visitors. If you’re a professional, in charge of maintaining public areas, Automower® allows you to achieve a perfect cutting result, while reducing the strain on your budget and without having to worry about noise pollution or fumes.
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Reduce your environmental impact

Automower® is not only an excellent opportunity for you to improve your local urban environment. Switching to battery-powered, robotic mowers is also an easy way for you to significantly reduce your CO2 footprint, allowing you to contribute to a more sustainable world and lead the way for other cities.
450X by school

Spend less of your budget on lawn care

The excellent cutting results are not the only thing to love about Automower®. Thanks to the low total cost and autonomous operation, you also get the job done cheaper with less effort, creating a very strong business case for switching. Most importantly, you free up time and budget you can spend on other tasks than mowing grass, to further develop your local environment.

Customer testimonial

School facilities in Edinburgh, Scotland

"When I first saw it, I must admit I thought ‘This isn’t going to work. These little machines won’t do what a tractor can do.’ And I can only say I’m gobsmacked because the evidence proves they can. In fact, it does more: because it gets better results than before." Derek Dickson, Team Leader