Automower 550H

Earn more by spending less time mowing

Landscapers all around the world know that lawn maintenance is a time-consuming business where it’s hard to make a profit. But more and more lawn care professionals discover that there’s a simple solution to this. A solution that will increase productivity, free up qualified time, deliver a perfect result and – at the same time – decrease the environmental impact. The solution is called Automower®.


The cost-efficient solution

Maintaining grass areas is time-consuming as well as labour and equipment intensive. Automower® offers a lower total cost and reduces your labour needs, helping you free up man hours for more qualified tasks, so you can increase your profitability. The predictable nature of robotic mowers will also prove beneficial when optimising your planning for high and low seasons.
Automower landscape image

Respecting regulations

As a professional landscaper, restrictions and regional regulations regarding pollution, noise and CO2 emissions are increasingly important to take into account. Not least since sustainability can often be a decisive factor in tendering processes. By opting for Automower®, you will fulfill your own sustainability targets and position yourself well for future business.

Customer testimonial

Deltour Paysage, Cambrai, France

"The benefits with Automower® is that it both gives us new customers and a reputation of using cutting edge technology in our industry. We've been installing these robotic mowers for three years now and have only got positive feedback" - Daniel de Bruycker, landscaper