Frequently Asked Questions about Automower®


What is Husqvarna Automower®?

Husqvarna Automower® is a Robotic Lawn Mower that maintains lawns autonomously with-in a given perimeter set by a boundary wire.

What are the benefits of owning an Automower®?

Automower® mulches and feeds the lawn leading to a, healthy and perfect lawn. Additionally, it frees up time to pursue other activities and perform additional jobs around the home. 

Is Automower® easy to use?

Yes, Automower® is very simple to operate. Once the robotic lawn mower has been installed, it automatically ensures that your lawn is cut without any involvement from you. Whether you’re at home or away, your lawn will be well-maintained. You'll never worry about mowing and all the associated fuel, noise, vibrations and neighbours complaints again!

Do I need to be tech savvy to use Automower®?

No, anybody can use Automower®! The control panel is intuitive to operate. Once in use, the Automower® can be left alone to do its job.

Is Automower® noisy?

Not at all. The sound level of the Automower® is very low, ranging from 62 dB(A) to as little as 58 dB(A), depending on the model. By contrast, the average noise level of normal mowers is between 95 and 100 dB(A). You can easily have the mower working in your yard day or night without disturbing you or the neighbours.

What if I have allergies – does all that mowing make allergies worse?

On the contrary, if you suffer from grass allergies or hay fever, Automower® is a great solution. Since you don’t need to be present when Automower® is cutting your lawn, you won't be exposed to allergens or pollen. Plus, because the grass is kept short, plant allergens can't become airborne.

Is Automower® good for the environment?

Yes. Since Automower® runs on batteries, it generates no direct emissions, and the actual energy consumption is very low. The running costs are only around $12 to $80 per season for the electricity consumed, depending on the size of the lawn, and the model used.

How much does Automower® weigh?

The robot mower is very light compared to conventional lawn mowers, weighing between 9 to 17 kg depending on the model. This makes Automower® easy to carry, store and maintain.

Is Automower® used by professionals?

Yes! Visit the Automower® for professionals page to learn more.

How much does Automower® cost?

Automower® prices range from $2,499 to $6,799. Visit the Automower® page to see the full range.

Where can I buy Automower®?

To find your nearest Elite Automower® Dealer, see the dealer locator.


How do I install Automower®?

You can easily perform the installation yourself. Just follow the instructions in the operator’s manual. It takes about 2 to 5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your lawn. Your local Elite Automower® Dealer also offers an installation service. Check with your local dealer for installation packages. Learn more about how to install Automower®.

How does Automower® mow?

Once you’ve installed the robotic lawn mower, your Automower® works in a random pattern with-in a perimeter set by a boundary wire. You set the mowing timer and it automatically ensures that your lawn is cut using three razor sharp cutting blades, without any involvement from you. 

What are the benefits of a boundary wire system to define the cutting area?

The boundary wire is a dependable and effective system, ensuring the mower remains efficient in all conditions. It’s amazingly easy to set boundaries and define your cutting area.

Does the boundary wire need to be buried in the ground?

No. The boundary wire can be laid on the ground using the supplied staples which are available in the installation kit. In a few weeks, your lawn will grow over and hide the wire from view. Remember to cut your lawn as short as possible around the perimeter in order to get the wire as close as possible to the ground. However, if you do wish to bury the wire from the beginning, you can. The recommended depth is 25 -100mm.

Can Automower® be equipped with GPS?

Some Automower® models come with an on-board GPS to assist with navigation and theft tracking. For GPS-equipped models, Automower® owners can control and run the mower via the Automower® Connect app.

How does Husqvarna Automower® cut grass?

A rotating cutter disc supports three razor-sharp blades that cut the grass. 

Where do the grass clippings go? 

Automower® cuts just a little grass on a continuous basis, the clippings are small enough to return to the ground as a natural fertiliser, so the longer your mower is out there working, the healthier your lawn will get.

How do I start and stop the mower?

Once the Automower® is installed, you’ll have to turn on the main switch. Enter your PIN code, press the START button (on applicable models) and close the keypad hatch. To stop Automower®, simply press the large STOP button. The Automower® can also be controlled by a smart device, such as your phone, via the Automower® Connect App.

What happens if I forget my Automower® PIN code?

Your local Husqvarna dealer can help you retrieve your PIN code.

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Is Automower® good for the health of a lawn?

Absolutely! Because Automower® cuts just a little grass on a continuous basis, the clippings are small enough to be recycled back into the soil as a natural fertilizer. The result is a greener, fuller, healthier lawn.

What are the benefits of Automower® mowing grass in a seemingly random pattern?

By using a random mowing pattern Automower® avoids creating tracks in the lawn that are usually generated by owing backwards and forwards repeatedly.

What’s the maximum mowing area Automower® can handle?

Automower® can mow lawns up to 5000 m2 (approximately 1.25 acres), depending on the model and yard’s complexity.

What if my lawn size is larger than 5000 m2 (1.25 acres)?

Two or more Automower® units can work together. There are numerous multi-Automower® installations at locations around the world.

Can I use Automower® in a small yard?

Yes. You can adjust the mowing time to suit your garden using the TIMER function. Find your Automower® model's cutting time per hour, then adjust the TIMER to the size of your lawn.

Can Automower® handle all lawn shapes and sizes?

Most lawns. If you can mow a lawn with a push or ride-on mower, Automower® will mow it, too. During the installation process, you or the installer will outline areas the mower should ignore, including flowerbeds, trees bushes and water features.Contact a Husqvarna Elite Automower® Dealer to arrange for a free site plan.

Does Automower® work in tight spaces?

Yes. Depending on the model, Automower® can handle passages as narrow as 1.2m (60 cm + 60cm).

Will Automower® work with my uneven lawn?

Thanks to its large driving wheels and skid plate, Automower® works well on uneven ground and slopes up to 35° (70%). Unlike conventional mowers, Automower® will not scalp uneven terrain. To help Automower® complete its job, fill any gaps or holes in the yard before starting the mower.

My garden is steep, does Automower® work on steep lawns?

Yes. Automower® 435X AWD and 535 AWD can confidently manoeuvre slopes with an incline up to an impressive 35° (70%). 

Does Automower® mow very long grass?

Automower® mows regularly, so the grass always remains at the same cutting height. If your grass is long and thick, start with a raised cutting height, gradually reducing to your preferred level. In extreme situations, such as an extremely overgrown area, grass should be cut by a conventional mower before Automower® takes over.

Will Automower® cut grass in rainy conditions?

Yes, Automower® is designed to withstand wet, rainy weather. However, we recommend you take the mower inside during extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and storms.

Will Automower® cut grass in very hot conditions?

The mower is designed to function in temperatures of up to about 45ºC. However, the home station should ideally be placed in a shady area, where possible. 

Can Automower® detect small objects such as toys?

Automower® has both front and rear collision sensors which can detect objects greater than 5cm in height. Smaller objects are likely to get damaged as will the Automower® blades.

What about tree branches or fruit on the ground?

To maximise the life of the blades these types of objects should be raked or collected regularly. They will not damage the mower, but the blades will wear faster. Tree branches may also damage or bend the blades resulting in a poor cutting performance as well as causing the mower to get stuck.

I have a nice flowerbed or vegetable garden that I’m proud of. Will Automower® harm it?

Provided the wire has been installed correctly and you have created an ‘island’ around your flower bed, tree, shrub, or other object, then Automower® cannot damage it or intrude into that area.

If I want to use Automower® at my holiday home or share it with my neighbour, can Automower® work at two different locations?

Yes. If you buy two charging stations and two loop wire cables, you can have two separate installation sites and use the same Automower® in both locations.

Will I still need an ordinary lawn mower?

Nope, not anymore! However, trimming around the edges will still be required to achieve a picture-perfect finish.



Can children play on the lawn when Automower® is working?

Automower® has built-in safety features meaning the blade will automatically stop if the mower is lifted up or turned over. Plus, Automower® stops and turns around when it encounters an obstacle. The distance between the Automower® outer body and the blade is extra-wide, which prevents hands or feet from reaching the blades accidentally. However, for guaranteed safety, we recommend parking the mower when small children are playing on the lawn. 

Is Automower® dangerous to cats and dogs?

No. Pets typically leave Automower® alone. The mower is equipped with sensors so that when it runs into an object such as a pet, it will stop, reverse direction and choose another path. If Automower® does collide with a pet, the contact is light and unlikely to cause any harm.

Does Automower® have a theft alarm?

Yes. Automower® has several theft protection systems that may be activated. The mower cannot be used without the personal PIN code. The installation lock prevents it from functioning on any other installation other than your own. The time lock requests your four-digit PIN to be entered at an interval decided by yourself. The alarm requires the PIN code to be entered when Automower® is stopped – or an audio alarm will go off. In addition, GPS communication units include a GPS tracker available as an accessory for most models.


Where can I get service and spare parts for Automower®?

You can obtain service for your Automower® at your nearest Elite Automower® Dealer.

What’s the lifetime of the battery?

That depends on the mowing schedule and size of the mowing area. The life of a Lithium Ion is measured in recharge cycles and the mower typically last for 4,000 recharge cycles – around 4-5 years. In order to save your battery, adjust the timer to your lawn size and the season of the year.

What’s the lifetime of Automower® blades?

The lifespan of Automower® blades depends on the type of grass and frequency of mowing. An average lifespan of the standard blades is up to two months. These lightweight blades can be replaced using a regular screwdriver in a few minutes or less. Automower® Endurance blades provide an even better lawn finish and last twice as long as the standard blades.

Do I need to store Automower® inside during the winter? 

Only store Automower® indoors if you don't need to mow during the winter. The ideal time is once the grass has stopped growing, but you’ll want to bring Automower® inside prior to snow or ice. Before putting Automower® away for the winter, clean and dry the unit. Store the mower in a dry, frost-free location. Also, we recommend the charging station be stored indoors as well. The loop wire can remain in the lawn without any problems.

How do I keep my Automower® in the best possible condition?

Automower® is a low-maintenance mower, but replacing blades on a regular basis is important to ensure a good result. Now and then, depending on the size of your lawn, you may want to clean grass from the wheels and chassis, too. There is an Automower® Cleaning and Maintenance Kit available.

What about warranty?

Husqvarna Automower® comes with a standard warranty of two years. Now you can extend the warranty and your peace of mind for an additional three years. Terms and conditions apply, see warranty policy or ask in-store for details.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Love It or Your Money Back, that’s our guarantee. We are so confident that you’ll love your new Husqvarna Automower® that we offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. Terms and conditions apply, see satisfaction guarantee policy or ask in-store for details.


What is Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect gives you full control of your Automower® right from your smart device. The app lets you start, stop or park your Automower®, as well as check and adjust its settings. Plus, you can receive alarms and track your mower’s position in the event of theft.

Does every Automower® come with Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect is available only on select models. It comes standard on all X-line and professional models, and it’s optional for all 300 and 400-series models.

Will I have to pay extra for Automower® Connect?

A 10-year mobile data contract is included with Automower® Connect at no additional charge.

What’s the monthly data consumption on Automower® SIM card?

Automower® Connect uses 25 MB per month when it’s in use.

I've forgotten my password for the app login. What do I do?

Use the reset password function at the Automower® app login screen.

How do I change my password for the app login?

You can change it on the Account settings menu in the app.

Can I change the email address I use for the app login?

You’ll have to create a new account to use a new email address. All Automower® units will need to be paired again to the new account.

Can I change the mower PIN code from the app?

No, the Automower® PIN code and other security settings cannot be changed from the app.

What does the “unpair mower” command do in the app?

This will remove the pairing between your account and your Automower®. All other accounts paired to the mower will retain full access.

How do I remove the pairing for all accounts?

You can do this via the mower menu.

Why does my Automower® stop for ten seconds after changing a setting from the app?

This is normal behaviour for the Automower® unit. It’s adjusting to the new settings.

Learn more about Automower® Connect


Will Automower® work with my smart home system?

Yes! Automower® is now compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem.

Which Automower® is compatible?

Only Automower® equipped with Automower® Connect will be able to connect to your smart home system.

Which Automower® comes with Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect comes standard on all X-line models and professional models, and it’s an optional add-on for other 300 and 400 series models. See the Automower® Connect section above for more information.

What are the benefits of connecting to Automower® via a smart home system?

Automower® is all about convenience, so smart home integration is the next logical step. Examples of instructions you might give Automower® include:
Telling Automower® to pause while your kids are in the yard.
Telling Automower® to mow for a certain number of hours.
Finding out what Automower® is doing.
...and much more! We're continuously improving the Automower® abilities, so you'll have many options in the future for controlling this one-of-a-kind mower.

Explore the possibilities for your home by visiting Smart Home Integration

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