How to regularly clean your Husqvarna Automower®

It is important to keep your Automower® clean for the best performance and a long service life. A mower with a lot of clippings attached also handles slopes poorly. It is recommended to clean it using a brush, spraying with water, or use a damp cloth. Never use running water, high-pressure washer, or solvent, when cleaning your Husqvarna Automower®.

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Checklist for cleaning your Husqvarna Automower®

  1. Set the main switch to the OFF position
  2. Wear protective gloves
  3. Turn the Automower® upside down
  4. Use your hand to remove chunks of clippings
  5. Use a dish washing brush to remove clippings from the skid plate, wheels, body etc.
  6. Flip the Automower® to get rid of the loose clippings
  7. Use a damp cloth to clean the chassis, body, panel etc. Do not use running water, high-pressure washer, or solvent.
  8. Make sure to get a thorough, professional clean at your dealer after each season

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