How to charge your Husqvarna Battery Rider

Make a habit of always charging the battery when the machine is not in use. When the battery is fully charged, the charger goes into maintenance charging mode. Incorrectly used, broken or faulty, a battery charger can cause an electric shock, overheat, or leak battery acid. Remember that the batteries must be recharged with the battery charger supplied.

Charging should be carried out in an ideal surrounding temperature of 0 to 40°C. Do not charge at temperatures below 0°C, or in direct sunlight. Make sure to keep the charger out of children’s reach.

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Quick guide to charging batteries on your Husqvarna Rider

  1. Make sure the power switch is in the 0 position
  2. Push the seat forward and open the latch to the hood by using the plastic key
  3. Connect the red cable of the charger to the plus point, and the black cable to minus
  4. Connect the battery charger to a socket. When the battery charger is connected to the grid, a green lamp lights up on the battery charger. You can follow the charging process on the indicator.
  5. When the battery has charged, remove the charger and then remove the black and red cables from the battery

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