How to change the cutting blades on your Automower®

When the blades become worn, or when the tip of the grass blades begin to whiten and look frayed when cutting, you should change the blades on your Automower® to maintain performance. Make sure you always use original blades and screws, and always replace the screw at the same time as the blade when carrying out maintenance, otherwise the screw can be worn out and cause the blade to come loose when operating.

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Step-by-step guide to changing blades

  1. Make sure the main switch is turned off
  2. Wear protective gloves
  3. Turn the Automower® upside down
  4. Rotate the skid plate so that its hole aligns with the screw for the blade
  5. Unscrew the blade. Use a straight slot or cross-tip screwdriver, preferably magnetic for easier removal of the screw
  6. Pry apart the skid plate and blade disc a little and remove the blade and screw
  7. Clean out any dirt using a dish-washing brush and a soft damp cloth
  8. Screw the new blade tight with a new screw. Always replace the screw as well as the blade.
  9. Check that the blades spin freely

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