Battery - Automower

BATTERY Battery LI-Ion, BMZ Sony VTC3  3,0Ah

Automower® Batteries are certified together with the Automower®, making them the only safe and reliable choice. All genuine Husqvarna batteries have cells that are certified, tested and carefully chosen to handle the demands of the Automower®. Husqvarna only use high quality cells with high safety features. The cells need to be able to charge and discharge without any risk of ventilating, which can cause fire. A BMS (Battery Management System) is a critical element to prevent the cells from ventilating. The BMS monitors the cells and their voltage, charging, discharging and temperature. The cables in our batterypacks are Glow Wire approved, meaning they will not start to burn and the batteries are droptested, making sure they do not ventilate if dropped. Husqvarna only use third-party certified cells.


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