Designed for tough work

Designed for the job

Choose either a powerful petrol model or a light and efficient electric scarifier to get the job done.
Wide range, blue

Multi-use for a lush garden

With every Husqvarna Scarifier you get a reliable easy to use garden assistant with versatile capability.
Even cut, blue

Make it grow

Our multi-use scarifiers will guarantee you productivity, a long product lifetime and a flourishing result.

Husqvarna Scarifiers

Our powerful and compact scarifiers are designed with user benefits in focus. With features such as an intuitive key pad, collection as an option and the ability to both aerate and rake they are the perfect partner for your pre-and after seasonal needs. All our scarifiers have foldable handles for easy transport and storage. 



Husqvarna light-weighted and compact electric scarifiers are designed with user benefits in focus. Intuitive key pad, foldable handle and even collection as an option makes them a true garden partner for long time.


Robust scarifier for strenuous tasks. Free-swinging flail blades together with a powerful engine, efficiently remove matted thatch an moss from any lawn.




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