Akumulatora un elektriskie motorzāģi

Husqvarna 240i​ with battery and charger

Akumulatora spriegums
36 V
Ķēdes ātrums pie maksimālās jaudas
12 m/s
Husqvarna 240i​ with battery and charger - 970 60 11‑07


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    BLi30, 36V / 7,7Ah
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    14 colla
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Robust and high-performing battery chainsaw for heavy-duty homeowner use

Easy to start and use, this reliable battery chainsaw is built on the proven expertise of Husqvarna premium products. Cut firewood or fell trees effortlessly without the risk of getting stuck in wood. Optimised for heavy-duty cutting, its max torque motor and well-balanced saw body enable a superior user experience for the not-so-experienced user. Part of the Husqvarna BLi-X 36V battery system and with smart solutions for storage, maintenance and safety, this battery chainsaw exceeds expectations.