Husqvarna Fleet Services™

Keeping track of your equipment has never been easier. Just attach Husqvarna sensors, and you'll always know where your machines are, how much they've been used, when they need to be serviced or replaced and much more. You always have total control from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And if you use our professional robotic mowers, you don't even need to install a sensor.

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How it works

The Fleet ServicesTM system keeps track of your equipment either through the use of machine sensors or - in the case of our professional robotic mowers - built-in connectivity. The equipment data is transmitted via Bluetooth and can either be collected in the field via the intuitive Fleet ServicesTM app, or back in storage via the Fleet ServicesTM Gateway app. From the apps, the data is uploaded to the cloud-based Fleet ServicesTM account where you can access it from any device.
Husqvarna Fleet Services - How it works

Machine sensor

The machine sensor allows you to track all sorts of handheld equipment and mowers.


Husqvarna Fleet Services - machine sensor

Fleet machine sensor key

Key to open/close Fleet machine sensor.

Husqvarna Fleet Services - sensor key


I have an existing Husqvarna account - can i use it?

Yes, you can use the same Husqvarna Group account to access all of Husqvarna Group's digital services. However, you will still need to sign up for Husqvarna Fleet Services separately.


How do i sign up and get started?

Go to the URL for the service and click on 'Sign up now' and fill in the fields with the requested information. When the request has been approved, an email will be sent to the address used. Click on the link in the email to review your information and create a password for your account. Your account is then ready to use.

What's the difference between the Fleet app and the Gateway app?

The Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM mobile app helps Fleet managers and Technicians to manage the inventory while out in the field. The app detects machine sensors in the field and uploads their data to the cloud. This includes 'last known location', to help find any missing equipment or to make sure nothing is left behind.

The Fleet Gateway is designed for one task only -  to detect a large number of machines when they are returned to storage, account for their return and then upload the machine data. The Fleet Gateway benefits best from being stationary in your storage space, connected to a Wi-Fi service and powered 24/7. Both apps can be downloaded from Applestore and Google Play.


Does every operator need the app?

No, Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM machines detect and store the machine data even without the Fleet Services mobile app or Gateway app nearby. However, in order to capture last known position for a machine, a Fleet mobile app needs to be running on a phone within Bluetooth range of the machine. To achieve a constant control of the last known location of all machines, you are best served by having operators install the app, as the distance between different operators may be too big.

Can i track my equipment in real time?

If you use the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app (in a mobile or tablet) in the field and the Husqvarna Fleets Services™ Gateway app (in a tablet) in the storage area, you’re able to monitor your equipment 24/7. Otherwise, the data shows the last known position of your equipment.


Will the app track the position of the operator?

No, Husqvarna Fleet Services™ does not track the operator. The app detects the Bluetooth connection from the machine sensor and stores that as a time stamped event. With that time stamp, the phone reports its own GPS position which provides the last known position for the machine.

How do i install sensors on my equipment?

In order to add new sensors to a machine you need to use the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app.

First off, the machine in question has to be added to the Fleet (which can be done with either the app or from a browser). Then start the app and select the machine in your inventory, then tap the ‘install sensor’ button.

Next, tap ‘scan QR code’ and if the app requests permission to take photos and record videos, accept. Scan the QR code using the camera in the phone – make sure that there is enough light so the camera can capture the code.

When the code has been captured, the app will automatically add the sensor to the selected machine.


How do i install the interface box on my ride-on mower?

In order to register a ride-on Interface Box to one of your machines, please select it from your inventory in the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ mobile app. The app will provide you with instructions on how to connect and install the RIB physically. For selected Husqvarna models, there are accessories available that will allow you to connect the RIB in a plug-and-play manner.

The Interface Box detects both engine-on-time as well as the cutting time from the electrical clutch.

For other machines, custom wiring is required - the Fleet Services™ app will provide you with schematics. You can also contact your dealer to get support with the installation.

Where can I order Sensors?

You can order sensors from your preferred professional Husqvarna dealer or directly from us at Husqvarna.


Can the sensor withstand tough professional work?

Yes, the sensor holder and sensor electronics are constructed for many years of usage in different customer work applications such as landscaping, tree-care, construction work etc.


Do the sensors provide live GPS tracking?

No. The location captured by the system is always 'last known', as seen by any of the fleet apps. The GPS position of the machine comes from the smartphone and not from the sensor itself.


Can i install sensors on equipment from other brands?

Yes, you can install sensors on machines from any 3rd party brand to connect them to Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM.

What kind of equipment can i track/handle?

You can add virtually any type of asset to the Fleet Services inventory.

The Fleet Services™ Machine Sensor can extract data from the following machine types:

  • Machines with petrol engines
  • Machines with electric engines
  • Many diesel machines where the generator creates an electric current

Examples of asset types which can be added to Fleet services are:

  • Hand-held machines
  • Ride-on machines
  • Husqvarna Automower®
  • Vehicles
  • Utility vehicles


Which Husqvarna Automwer® models are supported by Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM?

Husqvarna Fleet Services™ supports all Automower® models equipped with an Automower® Connect module:

  • 500-series
  • 300- and 400-series X-line
  • 300 and 400-series with Automower® Connect module installed as an accessory
Note: Automower® Connect@Home is not supported by Husqvarna Fleet Services™.