Even cut, blue

Attractive results

Provide your parks and gardens with a new level of lawn quality – loved by local residents and visitors like.

Keeping the peace

Automower® cuts grass in near silence, allowing you to mow unobtrusively in residential areas as well as in public parks.

Less emissions

Automower® reduces fumes and CO2 emissions significantly, helping you meet ambitious sustainability targets.

Automower® for municipalities

Around the world, more and more cities are realizing how important parks and gardens are to create an attractive city environment for local residents as well as visitors. If you’re a professional, in charge of maintaining public areas, Automower® allows you to achieve a perfect cutting result, while reducing the strain on your budget and without having to worry about noise pollution or fumes.


Customer Testimonial

“When I first saw it, I must admit I thought ‘This isn’t going to work. These little machines won’t do what a tractor can do.’ And I can only say I’m gobsmacked because the evidence proves they can. In fact, it does more: because it gets better results than before.”

Derek Dickson, Team Leader, School facilities, Edinburgh Watch video


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