Increased Productivity

Professional quality

You can rely on our range of Automower® professional mowers to deliver the exceptional quality your customers expect in any conditions.

Freeing up man hours

Free up personnel from time-consuming grass cutting for more qualified and profitable tasks.
Remote Management

Remote management

Manage and monitor your robotic mowers from anywhere with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ .

Automower® for landscapers

Landscapers all around the world know that lawn maintenance is a time-consuming business where it’s hard to make a profit. But more and more lawn care professionals discover that there’s a simple solution to this. A solution that will increase productivity, free up qualified time, deliver a perfect result and – at the same time – decrease the environmental impact. The solution is called Automower®.


Customer Testimonial

“Lawns are always perfectly mowed, and a company with a green business card is more attractive to customers. Furthermore, the low noise levels of Automower® mean working hours can be very flexible. Our customers like the reduced operating costs and increase in overall control added by Automower® Connect.”

Sören Sindermann, FA Sindermann GMBH, Fredensdorf, Germany


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