Make it grow

Our long experience combined with high demands on components will guarantee you productivity, long product lifetime and a flourishing result.

Multi-use for a lush garden

Provided with accessories or not, you will get a reliable garden assistant with versatile capability for a very long time.
Easy to manoeuvre

Safe work with safe results

A well thought combination of power, versatility and ergonomic solutions makes your work easy – even under tough conditions.

Husqvarna Tillers

Whether you need to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, Husqvarna has a tiller for you. Our range comprises two different models - rear-tine and front-tine. The rear-tine models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. The front-tine tillers are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flowerbeds and garden patches.

Use your Husqvarna Tiller whenever you need it– it’s easy to start and has a powerful engine

Easy starting and handling

Thanks to the easy-start and powerful overhead-valve engine, you can use your tiller whenever you want. It is also very simple to handle, manoeuvre, transport and store. The comfortable handle system and well-grouped controls make work easy, even in the toughest soil. The large driving wheels provide you with good traction on all surfaces.

Easy to manoeuvre in any weather

Our tillers enable you to do your work safely, comfortably and with stability. The counterweight increases weight on the wheels improving the balance. Thanks to the tine shield, debris spray from the rotating tines will be diverted from you.

A tiller from Husqvarna is easy to manoeuvre in any weather
Husqvarna Tillers are built for intense operation over many years.

Components for tough treatment

All Husqvarna Tillers are designed to take tough treatment. Engines and transmissions are built for intense operation over many years.


TF 544

The Powerful

A very robust and powerful tiller



A range of single speed tillers for homeowners who need a compact but versatile machine for garden use.

    • NEW

    TF 230

    967 31 67-01

    Cylinder displacement
    196 см³
    Working depth
    30 cm
    66.5 kg
    Net power at preset rpm
    3100 rpm
    • Protective bumper
    • Husqvarna gasoline engine
    • Support wheel
    • Plant guard


Advanced tillers for high demands, suitable for both homeowners and more professional use. All models have more than one gear.

  • TF 544

    967 31 70-01

    Cylinder displacement
    418 cm³
    Working depth
    30 cm
    151 kg
    Net power at preset rpm
    3600 rpm
    • Protective bumper
    • Wheel kit
    • Husqvarna diesel engine
    • AUX PTO

    • NEW

    TF 545D

    967 63 94-01

    • Husqvarna diesel engine
    • AUX PTO
    • Adjustable handlebar
    • Reversible handlebar


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