Experience new lightweight battery clearing saw from Husqvarna


Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products —launches the 536LiPX, becoming one of the first battery products to enter professional forestry. With a single charge, the 536LiPX is able to run for up to 6 hours of continuous clearing work when equipped with the battery backpack, requiring a lot less effort compared to traditional clearing saws.

The 536LiPX’s extreme manoeuvrability makes it especially suited for clearing in areas with really dense vegetation, where size and freedom of movement are of high importance. However it´s performance extends beyond just the ease of use. With a chain speed that runs at 20m/s (66 ft/s), allowing it to manage trees up to 15cm (5.9in) in diameter.

At just 3.1kg (6.6lbs), this high performance product provides extra comfort to forestry workers. As with all Husqvarna battery powered products, the 536LiPX is intuitive to operate, and users only need to push a button to start or stop the product.

Because the 536LiPX is a battery clearing saw, little to no maintenance is required since there are less moving parts. Operational costs are drastically reduced, since there is no need to buy expensive petrol for the clearing saw to run. Costs for charging the battery are nearly negligible, yet gives performance and power equivalent to that of a 30cc petrol product.

Two products in one
Equipped with a 90 degree adjustable cutting head, users can quickly switch between horizontal or vertical bar position, transforming the forestry clearing saw into a pole pruner with 3m (9.8ft) reach.

Enhanced by the Husqvarna-engineered brushless electric motor for extreme durability, high efficiency, as well as increased torque, the 536LiPX is perfect for forestry workers who want more out of their machine. 

Link to high res images: www.husqvarna.com/silentcity


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Director of Public Relations and Communication, Husqvarna
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