Automower 435X AWD
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Important safety information regarding Automower® 435X AWD & Automower® 535 AWD

Husqvarna has become aware of five incidents globally in which mowers of these two models have caught fire as a result of a degraded battery. No personal injuries have been reported.

There will be two mandatory software updates on the affected models to prolong the battery lifetime and resolve the issue of future battery degradation. The first of these updates, expected to be available in December, will improve the battery charging regime, protect the battery and prolong its lifetime. The second update, expected in February, will install additional battery health monitoring features. These updates will be pushed out over the air through the Automower® Connect app and when notified the product owner simply has to accept and install the updates.

Additionally, a limited number of mowers will require a new battery. We have used the smart connectivity features of the products to identify mowers that need a battery replacement (free of charge by local Husqvarna dealer). We are now contacting these product owners directly via their Automower® Connect app and e-mail. All customers not contacted by us can continue using the product.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause certain customers. Husqvarna takes this matter very seriously and is committed to resolve it as quickly as possible. We have notified product safety regulators in relevant jurisdictions about this issue.

For further information, please call 01-8242600.