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Mick Bohan - Green Space Professional Agent

If you are wondering why Mick Bohan has become an agent / brand ambassador for Husqvarna, specifically Green Space Professional products, here are Mick's own words on it;

PRO Battery Range

Battery Range

When creating a range of Husqvarna battery products for Green Space Professionals it was imperative to ensure they met the power output of their petrol counterparts.

Therefore, for us to provide a range of products using a viable alternative power source versus fossil fuels, developed with environmental considerations in mind, we recognised the need to also deliver from a useability stand point – powerful batteries for powerful, robust products.

Battery products are built to meet the many varied situations a professional user will encounter.

Learn more and see the full Green Space Professional range of battery products below. 

Commercial Lawn Care Solutions

Husqvarna also has a range of Automower® to deal with a host of different commercial requirements – learn more on each below.

Automower 550 football field
Achieve top quality pitch grass with Automower®.
Automower® Club Solution
GSP content Skövde
Endless possibilities with virtual boundaries.
CEORA teaser Design image 2
The future of commercial turf care.

Speak To Mick

If you have a query related to the Husqvarna Green Space Professional range, or are interested in determining how Husqvarna can help your commercial property, school or local sports club contact Mick below. 

We all have an obligation to lower our carbon footprint on our planet, I am now in a position to help and advise you with a cost efficient low maintenance way of maintaining your grounds whilst reducing your carbon footprint on our world.

Furthermore, Mick's experience and long standing involvement in Dublin GAA, both club and county, paired with his role as a Physical Education teacher over the course of 33 years combines to offer all the experience needed to help commercial entities understand how Husqvarna Green Space Professional products can work for them.  Mindful of his years involved coaching and helping young people to enjoy the benefits of exercise, Mick wishes to take this experience and shift focus in pursuit of a personal passion for the outdoors and the environment.