Automower 550 in commercial faciility

Create a first-rate first impression

As a facility manager, you can sometimes find yourself torn between time-consuming lawn care and the million other tasks that are your responsibility. By choosing to invest in Automower® robotic mowers, you can confidently focus on your core business and leave the care of facility lawns to your new, capable and unobtrusive team members – delivering a perfect result, every day.

When the lawns look good, you look good

Whether you manage the lawns for a hotel, an office building or a residential estate, a well-maintained lawn not only gives a premium first impression, but also a long-lasting one. Automower® will help you create beautiful, healthy grass areas that are sure to impress the customers, guests or residents you’re there to serve.
Automower 450X

Spend less of your budget on lawn care

Maintaining grass areas is but one part of the overall business for facility managers, but it’s a part that might be both time-consuming and demand a considerable economic investment in different machines and equipment. Automower® reduces the overall costs of lawn maintenance, while delivering a perfect result with a minimum of work.

Customer testimonial

Civica, Odense, Denmark

“We have 10 small Automower® mowers for 8.5 acres. They cover our small, complex and sloping grass areas better than a single big machine. With Automower®, our team manages the whole estate without having to hire extra help.” Jesper Nielsen, Property Manager