What does your garden do when you are not at home?

Home automation is making its way out the back door to the garden. Thanks to new loT technology, your robotic lawn mower and other gardening devices can now communicate with each other and be controlled through your phone - making the garden the latest home environment to become digitalized.

Smart home technology is constantly changing the way we interact with our homes, and the turn has now come to the garden as the latest home environment to become intelligent and digitalized. Behind this new technology is Husqvarna, and with the Gardena Smart System – which connects intelligent garden sensors with watering equipment, thermostats and robotic lawn mowers – home owners are now able to control and configure all of their gardening devices from any place through a smartphone or tablet app.

Smart gateway
The core element of the system is the smart gateway that connects all devices through radio connections. Garden sensors, for example, collect live data on soil moisture, outdoor temperatures and light intensity, making it easier not only to plan when to mow or water the lawn, but also to adapt watering and mowing to weather conditions. Connecting a watering system with a Husqvarna Automower 450X for example, allows for the devices to interact and coordinate work tasks together to ensure perfect maintenance of lawn and plants.

Control your Automower through Amazon Alexa or Google Home
The Husqvarna Automower 450X also has the ability to mow up to 5,000sq m of complex terrain in various weather conditions, and offers navigation control via the Automaker Connect app. Other IoT devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home can also be connected to the system, making it possible for users to update the robotic mower’s mowing schedule and to instruct the mower to start or stop mowing at any time.

The Smart Garden sector is still in its early stages, and many new developments are planned for the future. The Gardena Smart System will for example be further expanded and developed with additional hardware such as a smart pressure pump and a smart battery as well as improved features and usability on the software side. New hardware and software will constantly be added to the system to keep it at the cutting edge in the years to come.

Automower 435X AWD with idle smart system