How to talk to Automower® using Amazon Alexa

This is a list of supported voice commands when you communicate with Automower® through Amazon Alexa. Try to avoid background noise, and speak naturally and clearly.

Start/Resume/Continue “Alexa, ask Automower to start” You can also use the words “resume” or “continue” Automower resumes mowing according to schedule. If not in schedule, it will not mow until next scheduled start.
Pause “Alexa, ask/tell Automower to stop” You can also use “pause” Automower will pause at its current location.
Park “Alexa, ask/tell Automower to park” You can also use “return home,” “go back home” or “take a break.” Automower parks until next scheduled run.
Park until further notice “Alexa, ask/tell Automower to park until further notice” Automower parks and waits for next command, ignoring schedules.
Status “Alexa, ask Automower about status” You can also use “what it is doing,” “to check status” or “What is Automower up to?” Tells the actual status and what Automower is doing right now. (No battery information.)
Help [In context] “I need some assistance” You can also use “Help” or “What can I do”

FAQ: Husqvarna Automower® and smart home integration

Automower 435 AWD

Can Automower® be used in IFTTT applets?

Automower 435 AWD

Is Automower® Connect an open platform?

Automower 435 AWD

Which Husqvarna products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

At the moment, Husqvarna Automower® X-line models and models equipped with an Automower® Connect Kit are the only products you can connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
Automower 435 AWD

Can Automower® be controlled via Siri?

No, not at the moment.


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