Automower® and IFTTT

Note: The IFTTT app works with iOS 10.0 and later, and Android 5.0 and later. IFTTT is an easy way to start integrating Automower® even more into your smart home. With IFTTT you have the possibility to personalise and get more flexibility. You decide how to interact with Husqvarna Automower®.

Step 1.
Sign up on (it’s free).

Step 2.
Download the IFTTT app and log in.

Step 3.
Add Automower® and other smart home products.

Step 4.
Start making your own applets or find useful existing ones.

Here are a few examples of IFTTT applets:
• If backdoor alarm is turned on, then start Automower®
• If Automower® has been active for XX hours, then order new knives
• If current temperature drops below 7°C, then park Automower®

Smart Home integration

FAQ: Husqvarna Automower® and smart home integration

435 AWD

Can Automower® be used in IFTTT applets?

435 AWD

Is Automower® Connect an open platform?

435 AWD

Which Husqvarna products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

At the moment, Husqvarna Automower® X-line models and models equipped with an Automower® Connect Kit are the only products you can connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
435 AWD

Can Automower® be controlled via Siri?

No, not at the moment.


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