Intelligent and world-leading technology in one smart robot

Husqvarna’s development of robotic lawn mowers for the past two decades has turned the company into a starstudded juggernauts within the gardening realm. Their latest range of robotic lawn mowers has yet again turned gardening on its head – transforming lawn mowing into a leisurely spectator sport.

Lawn mowing used to be a strenuous, back-breaking chore for house owners. That was until the robots came and took over our lawns. This was of course a welcomed relief, and a lot is thanks to Husqvarna’s pioneering work in developing their first robotic lawn mowers in the mid 90s.

A lot has happened since then. Husqvarna’s new Automower X-line can only be described as something out of a sci-fi movie. The new range of mowers are similar in size – although more sleek and flashy looking – to the original models from 1995; but the differences in performance are astounding. This is due to the X-line’s highly complex software programs, which have developed tremendously over the past 20 years.

Compatibility creates connectivity
The X-line’s smart software makes the new Automowers compatible with other gardening and IoT devices, creating a system of connectivity that gives you full control of the mower from any place in the world via an app. The Automower Connect app also allows you to programme mowing schedules, change the height of the cutting blades and to track the Automower’s position via GPS tracking. If you happen to have an Alexa smart speaker, you can also instruct the mower to start or stop mowing simply through voice commands.

Smart robots with smart features
This is all very impressive – but what additionally separates the Automower from the heard is its durability and battery life. Its low-noise drive motors have an expected working life of more than 10 000 hours, and its lithium ion batteries are fully rechargeable in just an hour. Thanks to its discrete sound, long working life and LED lights, the Automower can run for a full 24 hours and mow up to 5000 sq m per machine of grass – and tackle challenging terrain and steep lawns without any problem. This is especially true for the top-of-the-line model, the Automower 450X, that has the ability to navigate through tight spaces and obstacles in any weather. It can even mow lawns with an inclination as steep as 45 degrees.

With an X-line mower, gardening has now become a spectator sport – or a back-seat driver kind of ordeal, depending on how much you’d like to interfere with the Automower’s work philosophy – but it’s safe to say the Automower range will be appreciated by house owners around the globe.

Let the robots do the job
An Automower by Husqvarna keeps your lawn green, healthy and always looking good, without you having to spend hours keeping it that way. An Automower from Husqvarna makes your garden lifer easier, doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

Automower trims your lawn day and night, handling gardens of any size. X-line prices start at £2,000.

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