Gardening tools are replaced by gardening apps

When students now are developing robots along with an artificial intelligence system to produce food for astronauts on Mars, the technological developments down on earth don't seem as frightening when put in perspective. That big step from inside the comfort zone to outside of it always seems bigger. But once you take that step it's crystal clear of how greener the grass on the other side actually is.

Forget about rakes, push mowers, manual sprinklers, and sacrificing body parts in the process. Tomorrow’s gardens will be automated, dominated by apps and voice-controlled devices, and created entirely after your preferences and standards.

Combine different garden systems
Integrating your passion for gardening with modern technology is seen on the radar for years to come. It’s the perfect combination between getting that healthy garden without hours of hard and tiring work. Instead, spend time on things you like by combining different garden systems and program them after what your garden needs. Why not combine an irrigation system, a robotic mower and the virtual assistant Alexa, controlled entirely from one app? Or place a garden gnome with a 360-degree swivel cam in your backyard?

Are you the kind of person who wishes the 24-hour day would be upgraded to 28? You are not alone. This is why advanced technology to make our lives easier is welcomed with open arms – inside our homes as well as in our gardens. Take a step over to the greener side.

Control your garden via your phone
By combining Husqvarna Automower X-line, Gardena smart system and Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can manage your garden via your phone. The app offers all clever features and settings for you to have total control over you garden.

Husqvarna Connect
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