Follow what your garden is up to in real time

There is a constant flow of information in our lives, caused entirely by technology and social media. The trends vary quickly - from one day to the other. Being right in the middle of where the magic happens is the place to aim for.

How does a world-leading brand within robotic mowers take it to the next level? If you are a world leader within a field, is that not enough? No, you continue to explore, innovate and find new opportunities to create products and services to lead the way forward. The first of its kind, an irrigation system integrated with robotic mowers and the renowned voice service Alexa, is entering people’s gardens. It’s called Smart Garden

Total awareness
Completely controlled by the app, the features make sure you have total awareness over your garden and what it is up to in real time. Smart sensors will measure soil moisture, outside temperature and light intensity, while the irrigation system will water accordingly. The information will be displayed and managed through the app. Furthermore you will have total control over your robotic mower, such as being able to start, stop, park and change settings right at your fingertips – wherever you are. Your lawn will be perfectly cut and healthy at all times.