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Meet the Champion, with the World Champion Saw

WLC, the World Logging Championship, is arranged every two years when professional elite loggers from around the world compete in five different events: precision felling, changing saw chain, precision sawing with two different methods and limbing.
WLC 2016 EN

Everything is performed to the clock and should be done in a safe and secure manner with a perfect result. We take the chance to meet one of the competitors from the Husqvarna "H-team" during one of their training camps. It's Urs Amstutz from Switzerland, who became the 2014 World Champion in one of the two precision sawing events. He has his faithful Husqvarna 576 XP® with him. This is Husqvarna's most advanced chainsaw in the 75cc class and is used nearly exclusively by professionals the world over. We ask Amstutz what he values most with saw:

- "It's well balanced and not too heavy. But above all very powerful regardless of the speed you're running at during various steps both at work and in competition."

You can see Amstutz's precision work in the video and follow both his pulse as well as the power of the motor. One reason for the 576's exceptional torque throughout its speed register is the advanced X-TORQ® motor. The secret behind the high performance motor technology is that it makes use of the energy in the fuel far more efficiently than traditional two-stroke motors. First, a barrier of clean air presses out the burnt gases, after which the fuel and air mixture is flushed in. In addition to higher power, this also reduces emissions by up to 75 % and fuel consumption by up to 20 % in comparison with predecessors with conventional motors.

So despite its high performance, the X-TORQ® motors have both low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Working environment and fuel consumption are perhaps not priorities in competitions, but for everyday use, good air conditions and fewer refueling definitely increase productivity.

Now click on the video and turn up your volume, and be impressed how the World Champion saw interacts with its World Champion user.

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