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As exciting as it is to dive head first into entering the competition, please take a moment to read over our competition T&Cs;


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Through this competition at Husqvarna we are hoping to show people how convenient and efficient battery powered products can be. By entering this competition we want to give a select few individuals / families the opportunity to test some of our battery range. With them finally partaking in a testimonial to share their thoughts and opinions on the effectiveness of the machine, or anything else they might like to share about their experience using Husqvarna Battery Series.

What better way to gain reassurance or answer uncertainty you have surrounding the Husqvarna Battery Series, then hearing the honest opinions of other owners / occupants of Irish gardens. Putting Husqvarna Battery Series to the test to the uniqueness of an Irish garden. By partaking in this competition, you will not only get to gain a selection of Husqvarna Battery Series products, but also be that honest opinion that you yourself would have likely sought before purchasing something you might not have the greatest familiarity with. 

Everyone's garden is unique, and because of this we want to ensure if you are selected to participate that we can match the needs of your garden with the most appropriate battery product. Please complete the following questionnaire if you wish to partake;
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