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One World Record and Four Gold Medals To Husqvarna at World Logging Championships in Poland

A new world record in felling and four gold medals in the five disciplines at World Logging Championships (WLC) this weekend in Wisla, Poland, is the result for the Husqvarna professional logging team. The medals were won by loggers representing the Netherlands, France, Estonia and United Kingdom.

This weekend, the 110 best loggers in the world met up in southern Poland to compete in five disciplines. Arian Essenstam from the Netherlands was one of the first competitors in the felling discipline to take the stand. Using a Husqvarna 576XP, Essenstam took down his tree perfectly and scored 660 points, the maximum points possible, at a time of 129.02 seconds, which gives him the world record in felling at WLC.  

Yoan Caparros from France stunned the crowed as he fitted a new chain at an amazing 8.41 seconds, only 0.05 seconds more than the current world record. Shortly after, Taavi Ehrpais from Estonia performed a winning execution of precision bucking, securing Husqvarna’s third gold. Both Caparros and Ehrpais competed with the Husqvarna 576XP.

Richard Elliot from the United Kingdom delivered a perfect limbing routine, removing 30 branches from his log in only 16.23 seconds with a Husqvarna 372XP, finishing over four seconds before the first runner up.

About the five disciplines

Tree felling 
A tree must be cut down within three minutes, and must fall as near as possible to a pre-determined marker post. During the discipline, one must work within the valid safety regulations and working techniques.

Pictured right - Arian Essenstam (WLC World Record and Gold Medal holder in tree felling using a 576XP Chainsaw)

Fitting another chain
With a ready to use chainsaw, one must dismantle and assemble the cutting apparatus. The chain must be taken off, the bar must be turned and another chain must be fitted. The new chain must be fitted so that the chainsaw is ready to use in the two following disciplines without adjustments.

Pictured left - Yoan Caparros (WLC Gold medal holder for fitting another chain in 8.41 seconds)

Precision bucking
From two logs, one must aim to completely cut off a disc between 30 and 80 mm thickness. The disc must be cut at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the stem. The contestant must try to cut the whole disc without damaging the board. Damaging the board will lead to zero points for the accuracy of the cut. The discipline will be performed while the log is in a thin layer of sawdust that hides where the log contacts the surface of the board.

Pictured right - Taavi Ehrpais from Estonia (WLC Gold Medal in Precision Bucking using a 576XP)

In a cylindrically trimmed stem, 30 round branches, all equal in diameter and branching pattern, will be placed, to be cut off by the contestant. The branches must be cut level with the stem, as quickly and as safely as possible.

Pictured left - Richard Elliot from the UK (WLC Gold Medal in Limbing using a 372XP Chainsaw)

Bucking by combined cuts
From two logs, one must cut a disc of wood no thinner than 30 mm and no thicker than 80 mm. This must be done by cutting the first half upwards from beneath the log and the second half from the top. The contestant gets the highest points when the upper and downward cuts meet each other, without a step, within the marked red zone and at right-angles to the length of the log.

Facts about championship chainsaws

Husqvarna 576 XP™
Husqvarna's most advanced 70 cc chainsaw and a favourite amongst professionals. The X-Torq® engine provides high torque over a very wide rpm range, exerts low levels of exhaust emissions, and is low on fuel consumption. 576 XP has Smart Start® for easy starting and Air Injection for stronger and longer runs (not to mention the ergonomically improved handles).

Husqvarna 372 XP™
Used by professionals for very demanding practices, it is ideal for tree felling, but also general logging. With an extra heavy-duty crankcase and crankshaft, as well as a carburettor with vibration dampening, 372 XP can handle high speeds and high loads. The chainsaw ticks all the boxes for low weight, high power and rapid acceleration with flexible operation.

About Husqvarna    
Husqvarna is a brand within Husqvarna Group. Since 1689, Husqvarna has manufactured high performing products and delivered industry-changing innovations such as anti-vibration and automatic chain-break on chainsaws, as well as the world’s first commercial robotic mower. Today, Husqvarna offers a broad range of high performing outdoor power products for parks, forest and garden, and represents technological leadership in the key areas; chainsaws, trimmers, ride-on mowers and robotic mowers. Husqvarna products are sold in more than 100 countries, mainly through servicing dealers.

Husqvarna Group
Husqvarna Group is a world leading producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers and garden tractors. The Group is also the European leader in garden watering products and a world leader in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The Group’s products and solutions are sold under brands including Husqvarna, Gardena, McCulloch, Poulan Pro, Weed Eater, Flymo, Zenoah and Diamant Boart via dealers and retailers to end-customers in more than 100 countries. Net sales in 2015 amounted to SEK 33 billion, and the Group had more than 14,000 employees in 40 countries.

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