Product film Hydro walk behind W500 series

Outstanding performance for professionals

No job's too tough or demanding for Husqvarna's Hydro Walk Mowers. The impressive performance will meet every commercial lawn care need. See for yourself in this clip.
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Increased Productivity

Increased productivity

Welded tubular steel frame, a 7-gauge steel cutting deck with pump and wheel motor drive provides a robust, long lasting machine.
Rough terrain

Versatile performance

Sulky capable, handles difficult terrain and is capable of side discharge, mulching or collecting.
Easy to use

Flexible efficiency

The improved controllability and the confidence of walking behind allows the user to access difficult-to-reach areas. A small footprint on the trailer assures extra room for additional landscaping equipment.

Commercial Hydro Walk Mowers from Husqvarna

If you want a mower that goes anywhere, cuts everything and doesn't stop until the job is done, take a look at the Husqvarna Hydro Walk Mower. Designed for the harshest conditions around, it features high-performance components, a durable tubular steel frame and an 18.5hp commercial engine that will give you the torque and power necessary to increase productivity and get the toughest of jobs done.



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