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Low cost and less work

Since Automower® is autonomous, it requires a minimum of your time for management and maintains grass areas at a low cost.

Don’t disturb the peace

Automower® works in near silence, without disturbing your residents, guests or staff.
Remote Management

Remote management

The digital tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ allows you to monitor and control . your mowers at any time from your phone, tablet or laptop.
Automower 550H


Automower® allows you to boost your profitability. Use our calculator to quickly see your return of investment.

Automower® for facilities

As a facility manager, you can sometimes find yourself torn between time-consuming lawn care and the million other tasks that are your responsibility. By choosing to invest in Automower® robotic mowers, you can confidently focus on your core business and leave the care of facility lawns to your new, capable and unobtrusive team members – delivering a perfect result, every day.


Customer Testimonial

“We have 10 small Automower® mowers for 8.5 acres. They cover our small, complex and sloping grass areas better than a single big machine. With Automower®, our team manages the whole estate without having to hire extra help.”

Jesper Nielsen, Property Manager, Civica, Odense, Denmark Watch video


Professional Robotic Mowers


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